Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old Friends

I remembered my password so here I am! Hope you enjoy, there is even a special treat for you at the end!

I recently reconnected with some old friends from high school on Facebook and have been having a great time catching up and reminiscing. I've been talking a lot to one certain guy so when an opportunity to travel to his city for work presented itself, I jumped on it.

He was always good looking in high school but I figured he was a good boy and I never tried to corrupt him. We met for dinner and drinks and he was still just as hot as ever. We spent a while catching up, drinking, laughing and having a good time before he offered to drive me back to my hotel. When we pulled up to the hotel he insisted on walking me to my room and I gladly accepted.

As we stopped at the door to my room he pulled me to him, told me that he had always wanted to fuck me in high school and was sorry that he hadn't and then he kissed me. It was a long, hard, hungry kiss. As I bit his bottom lip he moaned and pressed his rock hard cock against me. He pressed me up against the door and slid his hands over my ass and under my skirt as I wrapped one leg around him and ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled me against him and told me that he wanted to take me in my room and fuck me.

I wrapped both of my legs around him as he picked me up and carried me into my room where he threw me on the bed and we began tearing each others clothes off. He pulled my shirt off and kissed my neck as he took off my bra. I pulled his shirt off and pushed him back on the bed so I could straddle him. He licked and sucked my tits as I ground my pussy against his hard cock before I told him to just lay back and let me do the work. I kissed his neck and ran my hands and tongue over his chest and stomach as I made my way down his body. I took his hard cock out of his pants and slid them down to his ankles before I slid his cock down my throat.

I slid my mouth over his cock, taking it all the way down my throat over and over several times before I licked and sucked his balls. He ran his fingers through my hair and then shoved his cock back down my throat. He held my head as he fucked my mouth and told me he wanted to cum on my face. He pulled me off of his cock as I grabbed it and jacked him off, letting his hot cum shoot all over my lips and chin before I started licking it off.

He pulled me to him until my knees were beside his head and my pussy was in his face. He slowly slid his tongue all around my hot, wet pussy as I played with my tits. He slapped my ass and then slid his fingers inside me as I rocked my hips and moaned. He fucked my pussy with his fingers as he licked and sucked my clit, making me beg for more. I begged him to fuck my hot, wet cunt with his cock as he made me cum on his face and fingers. He slid his hands up my body and grabbed my tits as he told me to bend the fuck over and take his cock.

He pulled to the edge of the bed, bent over on my knees, where he stood and shoved his cock into my wet pussy. His cock felt like it was tearing my pussy apart but I loved it. I begged him to fuck me hard, to spank me, to pull my hair, to make me his fucking whore. He gladly obliged. He smacked my ass so hard it brought tears to my eyes and made me scream out for more before he pulled my hips back, hard, against his cock; making me take every inch of it over and over again. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back towards him so he could kiss me before he shoved my head down into the bed and smacked my ass more. I slid my hand underneath of me and started fingering my clit and rubbing his balls as he rammed his cock into me. Before I knew it I was screaming at him to fuck me hard because I was going to cum all over his fucking cock. He spanked my ass hard as his cock pounded my throbbing, wet cunt until I finished cumming.

Then he slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy and told me to suck it because he wanted to cum down my throat. I got off of the bed and dropped to my knees in front of him as he shoved my mouth over his cock so I could taste my own pussy on him. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock down my throat until he came and I sucked up every last drop.

We both fell onto the bed and he asked me "why didn't we do this in high school and can I take pictures to remember this?"

I did let him take some pictures with my camera (I always have it with me) and while I won't post the full pictures but here's a peek! Hopefully you can all see it before photobucket removes it.

Does anyone know where I can upload it and not worry about it being removed?


Thursday, April 30, 2009

I know I haven't been around for quite some time now. I've been dealing with a few health problems that came on suddenly due to a tubal pregnancy and rupture and subsequent hysterectomy and hospitalization. I am back to normal now though and will start blogging again soon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Edit: Sorry! I promise there is a new post coming! I've been so caught up in the Inauguration and the Inaugural Balls (haha) that I haven't gotten it finished tonight. I promise tomorrow though!

There is a new post coming later this evening!

Sorry I've been gone, there has been so much going on around here!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank You!

I've heard that I have some military men reading. I just want to say thank you for all that you are doing! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and keep coming back for more!

A New Year's Eve To Remember

I hope everyone had a rockin' NYE and started 2009 off with a good fuck! I know I did!!

I got all dressed up and went out. We met at the best friend's house and had a couple of drinks. From there we picked up one of the others that was going out with us and headed to dinner. It was great, as it always is at this place. Then it was off to the party. The party was at a club but it was invitation only and was closed to the public. Even so, it was packed and the party rocked all night.

We drank and danced and had an all together great time. I had been chatting with a guy earlier in the night but had lost him somewhere in the crowd. I finally found him later in the evening and we started flirting. We danced and talked and bought each other drinks for most of the rest of the evening.

I was sitting on the pool table and he was standing in front of me when he leaned down and kissed me. It was a long, hot kiss and when he started to pull away I gently bit his lip. He kissed me again as he ran his hands up my thigh, over my stomach and to my tits. He pinched my nipples as they hardened to his touch and he kissed me harder. He pressed his cock against me as he pulled my head back and licked my neck. I slid my hand down his pants and grabbed his cock, stroking it until I felt him growing hard in my hand, very happy with the result. Slowly, he slid his hand back to my thigh and under my skirt. He rubbed my clit and then slowly slid one finger into my wet pussy as I continued stroking his cock inside of his pants. He slid his finger in and out of my pussy while he rubbed my clit with his thumb, over and over. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer as I told him to take me into the bathroom and fuck me.

He ignored my pleas to go into the bathroom and fuck. He continued to kiss me, lick my neck, bite my nipples and slowly fuck me with his finger. I was laid completely back on the pool table, with him leaning over me, his slow moving fingers quickly bringing me to the brink of cumming. When I finally couldn't stand it anymore I told him he was going to make me cum and he shoved in another finger and started fucking me with them faster. He leaned down, stuck his head under my skirt and sucked and licked my clit as I came all over his face.

There was a small crowd gathered around the pool table watching me cum but I didn't mind. All I could think about was cumming. He leaned back over me and kissed me again. Again, I asked him to take me in the bathroom and fuck me. Again, he ignored me and started kissing me. As he kissed me and sucked my nipples through my shirt, he kept fucking me with his fingers. I couldn't wait to feel his cock ramming into my pussy and I told him so. I was about to cum again from him fingering my hot, wet pussy when he pulled me up off of the pool table.

He asked me how bad I wanted him to fuck me. When I told him I wanted it so fucking bad, he turned me around and bent me over the pool table. He pulled his cock of his pants and rammed it into my wet pussy under my skirt. He was fucking me nice and hard, I was almost screaming from the pleasure of each thrust. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head to him as he asked me how I liked it. I told him I liked the way his big cock was tearing into my tight pussy and I wanted him to fuck me harder. He obliged and rammed his cock into my pussy so hard that I knew I'd be sore for days. He finally leaned down to my ear and said that he couldn't handle fucking my tight pussy anymore and he was going to cum. As he whispered to me he reached around and rubbed my clit as he fucked me faster and faster. Finally, I came; screaming for him to fuck me harder and faster as he kept ramming his rock hard cock into me. He fucked me until he made me cum one more time and then he pulled his cock out of my pussy and I felt his hot cum on my ass.

We left then and went back to his place where we fucked and licked and sucked all night long. I didn't even consider the fact that probably 30 people had watched me get fingered and fucked until I came 3 times until he told me that it was pretty fucking awesome that I let him fuck me right there in front of everyone. Just thinking about makes me really fucking hot, now I'm going to go finger fuck myself and think about it.